What do you look for in a successful grant application?

The Fund for Public education strongly encourages applications for projects that benefit a large number of students, fulfill an unmet need, cannot be covered by existing funds, and provide lasting benefit to TCSD#1. We also look for achievable goals and measurable outcomes. We do not fund projects that show inequity or fail to provide clear benefit to public education in Teton County, Wyoming.

How long does the application process take?

The process is quick and easy. You’ll start by creating a Submittable account to access our grant system. You’ll then choose the grant opportunity that best fits your needs, fill out a brief application, and hit submit. You’ll receive an answer in 30 days or less. If your application is accepted, you can expect a check to arrive within 10 business days of acceptance.

How do I make a project budget?

Please see our Grant Budget instructions and template.

Do I have to submit a grant report?

Yes. If the Fund for Public Education awards you funding, you must complete a grant report within the same fiscal year as your award. You will receive a link to the report form in your acceptance letter.

What happens if I don’t turn in my grant report?

If you fail to turn in your grant report by the due date you will become ineligible for additional funding for a period of one year.

Do you support private schools or home-schooled students?

Our mission is to support public education in Teton County, Wyoming. We only support schools, staff, and students that are part of Teton County School District #1.

What are Donor-Designated Partnership Funds?

These are funds that have been entrusted to us for a specific project or purpose. They may be accessed only by authorized representatives of those projects.

Why do I have to apply for my Donor-Designated Funds?

The application process ensures that all best-practice standards are met.