Hundreds of children in our community rely on school meals to meet their daily nutritional needs. Help us prevent hunger during COVID-19.

It is essential that these meals continue, even as schools switch to remote learning. Help us support families with fresh, healthy meals, made available safely through TCSD#1. The current need stands at over 600 meals per day. That’s more than 3,000 meals each week.

Giving to the Fund for Public Education is a quick, safe, and direct way to have an impact on the COVID-19 crisis. Please help ensure that every child in our community gets the nutrition they need to stay healthy and strong.

How will these funds be used?

Funds will first be directed toward emergency meal support and meal distribution for kids, then toward other emergency needs that may arise. If there are any funds left over once the COVID-19 danger has passed, these will be used to support TCSD#1 through programs like Teton Meal Support.

Who is eligible for meals?

Any child under the age of 19 may pick up meals. You do not need to be enrolled in TCSD#1 to qualify. All kids are welcome.

How will meals be distributed?

TCSD#1 is currently working on establishing drive-through stations at Jackson Hole High School (1910 High School Road in Jackson). We’re also working on ways to distribute meals to kids and families who cannot reach those stations.

How long will this emergency relief last?

The Fund for Public Education is dedicated to the students and our community. We’ll be working closely with the School District to ensure that kids are supported as long as needed. Please stay tuned for more information.