COVID-19 is a challenge for our entire community, but few places feel its effects more than our schools. Children and their families depend on Teton County School District #1 for far more than basic education. Our schools, staff, and teachers, provide safe spaces for kids to learn and grown. We provide meals for hungry students, counseling for children in crisis, safe opportunities for social interaction, and so much more.

We are doing everything we can to ensure that our schools are able to safely open this fall, but we need your help.

Time is short and the need is great, but together we can ensure safe schools today, tomorrow, and far beyond COVID-19. To support our most urgent back-to-school needs, please GIVE NOW. You can also support our schools by giving to the Fund for Public Education through OLD BILL’S FUN RUN.

Giving to the Fund for Public Education is a quick, safe, and direct way to have an impact on the COVID-19 crisis. Please help ensure that every child in our community gets the support they need to stay happy, healthy and engaged.

Did you know? Funding from the CARES Act and other federal support programs covers less than half of COVID-19 expenses at our schools.

How will these funds be used?

Funds will first be directed toward emergency needs in a number of areas:

  • SAFE CLASSROOMS: Safety shields, air filters for classrooms, and specialized equipment for classrooms
  • PPE: Personal Protective Equipment for staff and students
  • MEALS FOR ALL: Free meals for kids in need
  • HEALTH & SAFETY: Isolation spaces, temperature monitoring, and COVID-19 surveillance testing to ensure that student athletes stay safe

What happens if COVID-19 gets worse and schools have to close again?

First, emergency funds will be redirected to ensure that adapted learning plans go as smoothly as possible for every TCSD#1 family. But it’s important to remember that the items listed above–classroom equipment, PPE, meals, and safety equipment–will still be needed regardless of when and how school proceeds this year. COVID-19 isn’t going away and we need to plan for long-term safety in every classroom, for every child.

How long will this emergency relief last?

The Fund for Public Education is dedicated to the students and our community. We’ll be working closely with the School District and community partners to ensure that kids are supported as long as needed. Please stay tuned for more information.