The Fund for Public Education believes that every child deserves equal opportunity for an extraordinary education. To help create and deliver that opportunity, we focus our efforts and resources on five key areas.

Whole-Child Wellness

Great education helps to shape a whole person, not just a single set of skills. The Fund for Public Education supports programs that address mental and physical health, nutrition, social skills, confidence-building, and any other issues that contribute to children being whole, healthy, happy people who achieve their best.

Educational Equity

Every child deserves equal opportunity regardless of race, gender identity, sexual identity, ethnic identity, immigration status, or socio-economic status. All kids are equal and deserve equal opportunity for educational success.

Excellent Academic Opportunities

While Teton County School District does an excellent job ensuring that its students receive the best possible education, there are inevitable gaps and academic opportunities that public funding cannot cover. The Fund for Public Education works to fill those gaps, offering every child the chance to experience academic opportunities and excellence that might not be available otherwise.

Leadership Development

Because learning doesn’t stop when the school bell rings, we offer a variety of programs that help build knowledge and leadership skills outside of the classroom. This includes professional development grants for TCSD#1 teachers and staff, as well as internships, mentoring, and leadership projects for students.

District Capacity

TCSD#1 faces a number of challenges including shortages of space, a need for specialized facilities, and affordable housing to attract and retain the best teachers and staff. The Fund for Public Education raises private funds to cover capacity needs that cannot be met through local, state, or federal funding.